Jun 19, 2024

ChatGPT vs Editby: Which Tool Ranks Better on Google?

Borja Soler

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ChatGPT vs Editby: Which Tool Ranks Better on Google?

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and content creation, artificial intelligence (AI) tools have become increasingly popular for generating content that aims to rank well on search engines. Two prominent players in this field are ChatGPT and Editby. But which one is better suited for creating content that ranks well on Google? In this article, we'll dive deep into the capabilities of both tools and analyze their potential impact on search engine optimization (SEO).

Understanding Google's Ranking Factors

Before we compare ChatGPT and Editby, it's crucial to understand what Google looks for when ranking content. Google's algorithm considers numerous factors, including:

  1. Content quality and relevance: Google prioritizes content that provides value to users and matches their search intent.

  2. User experience: Factors like page load speed, mobile-friendliness, and easy navigation contribute to a positive user experience.

  3. Backlinks: High-quality, relevant backlinks from reputable websites signal content authority to Google.

  4. Engagement metrics: Time on page, bounce rate, and click-through rates indicate how users interact with your content.

  5. Originality: Google favors unique content over duplicate or plagiarized material.

  6. Freshness: Regularly updated content often performs better, especially for time-sensitive topics.

  7. Technical SEO: Proper site structure, meta tags, and schema markup help Google understand and index your content.

With these factors in mind, let's examine how ChatGPT and Editby stack up in terms of creating SEO-friendly content.

ChatGPT: Pros and Cons for SEO

Chatgpt, developed by OpenAI, is a powerful language model that can generate human-like text based on prompts. Here's how it fares in terms of SEO:


  1. Speed: ChatGPT can produce content quickly, allowing for rapid content creation.

  2. Versatility: It can generate content on a wide range of topics, making it useful for diverse content needs.

  3. Language proficiency: ChatGPT can produce grammatically correct and coherent text.


  1. Generic content: The output can often be generic and lack the depth required for high-quality, ranking content.

  2. AI detection risk: Google may be able to detect AI-generated content, potentially leading to lower rankings.

  3. Lack of real-time information: ChatGPT's knowledge is limited to its training data cutoff, making it challenging to create up-to-date content.

  4. No SEO optimization: ChatGPT doesn't inherently optimize content for search engines or include SEO best practices.

Editby: What is it and how does it work?

Editby is an AI-powered content creation tool specifically designed for SEO-friendly content. Unlike ChatGPT, Editby is tailored to create content that aims to rank well on search engines. Here's how it works:

  1. Content brief creation: Users input their target keywords, desired word count, and other SEO parameters.

  2. AI-generated outline: Editby creates a content outline based on the brief, which users can modify.

  3. Content generation: The AI generates the content, incorporating SEO best practices and user-specified requirements.

  4. Human editing: Users can edit and refine the generated content to add their unique voice and expertise.

  5. SEO analysis: Editby provides SEO recommendations and scores to help optimize the content further.

Content Quality and Originality

When it comes to content quality and originality, both tools have their strengths and weaknesses:


  • Can produce coherent and grammatically correct content

  • Often generates generic information that may not stand out

  • Lacks the ability to include unique insights or real-world examples


  • Generates content with SEO best practices in mind

  • Allows for human intervention to add unique perspectives and examples

  • Incorporates up-to-date information and trends in the content

Bold statement: Editby has a clear advantage in producing original, high-quality content that is more likely to rank well on Google.

AI Detection and Its Impact on Rankings

As search engines become more sophisticated, there's growing concern about the detection and potential penalization of AI-generated content. Here's how ChatGPT and Editby fare in this aspect:


  • Generates content that may be more easily detectable as AI-written

  • Lacks built-in features to make the content less detectable


  • Incorporates techniques to make the content less likely to be flagged as AI-generated

  • Encourages human editing and input, which further reduces AI detection risk

Learn more about AI detection and its impact on SEO to stay ahead of potential ranking issues.

User Experience and Engagement Metrics

User experience and engagement are crucial factors in Google's ranking algorithm. Let's see how our two contenders perform:


  • Can create engaging content, but may lack depth or specific details

  • Doesn't inherently consider user intent or search queries


  • Focuses on creating content that matches user intent and search queries

  • Incorporates engagement-boosting elements like subheadings, bullet points, and internal links

Bold statement: Editby's focus on user intent and engagement metrics gives it an edge in creating content that keeps readers on the page longer, potentially improving rankings.

Customization and Uniqueness in AI-Generated Content

The ability to customize and create unique content is essential for standing out in search results:


  • Offers limited customization options beyond the initial prompt

  • May produce similar content for similar prompts across users


  • Provides extensive customization options, including tone, style, and content structure

  • Allows for easy integration of brand voice and unique selling points

Discover how to create unique content that stands out and improves your chances of ranking well on Google.

Balancing Speed and Quality in Content Creation

In the fast-paced world of content marketing, finding the right balance between speed and quality is crucial:


  • Extremely fast in generating content

  • Quality may suffer due to lack of specificity and depth


  • Slightly slower than ChatGPT but still faster than manual writing

  • Produces higher quality, more targeted content that's ready for publication with minimal editing

Bold statement: While ChatGPT wins on speed alone, Editby offers a better balance of speed and quality, which is more valuable for SEO in the long run.

Integrating AI Tools into Your SEO Strategy

Regardless of which tool you choose, integrating AI into your SEO strategy requires careful consideration:

  1. Use AI as a starting point, not the end product

  2. Always review and edit AI-generated content

  3. Incorporate your unique insights and data

  4. Ensure your content aligns with your overall SEO strategy

  5. Regularly update and refresh your content

Learn more about developing an effective content strategy to maximize the benefits of AI tools in your SEO efforts.

Choosing the Right AI Tool for Your Needs

When deciding between ChatGPT and Editby, consider the following factors:

  1. Your SEO goals: If ranking on Google is a priority, Editby may be the better choice.

  2. Content volume: For high-volume, general content, ChatGPT might suffice.

  3. Budget: While ChatGPT is free (with paid options), Editby is a paid tool with more SEO-specific features.

  4. Technical SEO knowledge: If you lack SEO expertise, Editby's built-in optimization features can be invaluable.

  5. Content type: For specialized or technical content, you may need to rely more heavily on human expertise regardless of the tool used.

The Role of Human Expertise in AI-Generated Content

While AI tools like ChatGPT and Editby can significantly streamline the content creation process, it's crucial to remember the importance of human expertise. Effective content marketing drives sales and business growth, but only when it's strategically crafted and tailored to your audience.

Human writers and editors bring several irreplaceable qualities to the table:

  1. Industry expertise: Humans can provide in-depth knowledge and insights that AI might miss.

  2. Emotional intelligence: Understanding and connecting with your audience on an emotional level is still a uniquely human skill.

  3. Creativity: While AI can generate ideas, humans excel at creating truly innovative and out-of-the-box content.

  4. Brand voice: Maintaining a consistent and authentic brand voice often requires a human touch.

  5. Ethical considerations: Humans are better equipped to navigate sensitive topics and ensure content aligns with ethical standards.

The ideal approach is to use AI tools like Editby as powerful assistants, enhancing human creativity and productivity rather than replacing them entirely.

Measuring Success: Analytics and Continuous Improvement

Regardless of which tool you choose, it's essential to track your content's performance and continuously refine your approach. Here are some key metrics to monitor:

  1. Organic traffic: Track how much traffic your content is driving from search engines.

  2. Keyword rankings: Monitor your positions for target keywords over time.

  3. Engagement metrics: Analyze time on page, bounce rate, and scroll depth to gauge user interest.

  4. Conversion rates: Measure how effectively your content is driving desired actions.

  5. Backlinks: Keep an eye on the quality and quantity of backlinks your content attracts.

Learn how to analyze your website's SEO performance to make data-driven decisions and improve your content strategy over time.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

After analyzing both tools, it's clear that while ChatGPT is a powerful and versatile language model, Editby is better suited for creating content that ranks well on Google. Here's why:

  1. Editby is specifically designed for SEO, incorporating best practices and optimization techniques.

  2. It allows for greater customization and integration of brand voice.

  3. The tool encourages human input, reducing the risk of AI detection.

  4. Editby's focus on user intent and engagement metrics aligns better with Google's ranking factors.

  5. The balance of speed and quality offered by Editby is more conducive to long-term SEO success.

However, the choice between ChatGPT and Editby ultimately depends on your specific needs, resources, and SEO goals. For businesses serious about improving their search engine rankings and creating high-quality, targeted content, Editby presents a compelling option that combines the efficiency of AI with the nuanced requirements of SEO.

Remember, whichever tool you choose, the key to success lies in how you use it. Combine AI assistance with human expertise, focus on providing value to your audience, and stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends to maximize your content's potential for ranking well on Google.

Explore Editby's features and pricing to see how it can enhance your content creation and SEO efforts.

Borja Soler

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