Feb 3, 2024

How to write a blog post with AI [Guide]

Maria Ruocco

In today's digital age, content is king. The ability to create engaging and informative blog posts is a crucial skill that can significantly boost your online presence.

However, with the rapid advancements in technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of content creation. From brainstorming ideas to drafting entire blogs, AI has integrated itself into every aspect of blogging.

This guide will guide into how you can leverage AI for your blog writing needs while maintaining a human touch in your content. We'll explore everything from understanding what AI blogging entails to tips on editing and adding a personal touch to AI-generated blogs.

AI blogging

At its core, AI blogging involves using prompts or commands to direct an AI program in creating blog posts. The primary goal here is not just about churning out words but sharing valuable expertise, advice or insights on specific topics through online articles that are rich with SEO keywords.

These strategically placed keywords play a pivotal role by increasing the visibility of your posts in search engine results, thereby attracting more visitors.

Most advanced AI text generators like Editby have been designed to compose complete blog posts on any subject matter within seconds.

Platform: Editby

Understanding prompts in the context of AI blog writing

Prompts form the backbone of generative AI programs. As users type their commands or instructions in conversational language known as prompts - such as "Write a blog post about how to pitch a tent" - they essentially steer the AI tool to accomplish the desired task.

Prompts should include all the information you want mentioned in your article - from the topic and tone down to specific details like length and SEO keywords. They can also be used for non-writing tasks such as brainstorming and outlining, making them a versatile tool in content creation.

With Editby the task of article creation is easier. You can create articles or blog post starting from links with the information that you need.

For example, if you want to write an article about "Apple announces more than 600 new apps built for Apple Vision Pro" starting with this apple news: Apple blog, you can enter the link inside the platform and create with one clic the article.

Platform: Editby

The potential of AI in content creation: benefits and limitations

AI technology has revolutionized content marketing by automating several aspects of it. It significantly reduces time and costs associated with creating blog posts.

However, generative AI isn't perfect: it occasionally makes mistakes. So, it's important to give a look and check that it's all right with the text.

Leveraging AI for brainstorming and drafting blogs

One of the best uses of AI is idea generation. You can ask an AI tool to suggest blog post topics that your unique audience will enjoy, identify new audiences, discover marketing trends or even come up with entire marketing campaigns.

AI can also assist in creating outlines for your blog posts. These outlines can be as detailed as you want – from composing an outline from scratch to organizing your existing ideas.

When it comes to drafting, generative AI saves time by composing a complete article within no time. However, it's recommended to use AI only for a first draft and then revise it yourself later, ensuring accuracy while maintaining authenticity.

Platform: Editby

Writing a blog post with AI tools

Using artificial intelligence tools can facilitate the writing effort:

  1. Generate content creation ideas 👉🏻 use Editby to identify the keywords with which you can position in Google.

  2. Create a first version of the content 👉🏻 once you have understood the topic to write about, add the topic, links or documents in editby and wait for the first version of the content to be generated.

  3. Edit and publish the content 👉🏻 once you have the draft of the article, review the parts you want to modify and add the concepts you want to add. Now you can publish the article on your blog.

The elements to take into account when reviewing the first version of the content

While editing an AI-generated blog post:

  • Look carefully for errors in the formulation of the sentence or in grammar;

  • Make sure there is a logical flow between paragraphs;

  • Check if the language needs changes: does it sound too robotic? If yes, add some conversational phrases or idioms.

Adding anecdotes or personal experiences can greatly increase the relatability factor of your blog post.

Fast track your blogging: Ediby

Editby is a great tool for creating quality blog posts quickly. It generates an outline based on your inputs, which you can then edit or regenerate as needed.

The type of content that can be created with the platform is various: articles, newsletters, content for social networks, product descriptions, descriptions of articles for the blog, etc.

Once the type of content has been chosen, the creation process begins based on the type of sources that you want to provide to the platform (text, links to other articles, documents, YouTube videos, videos that are hosted on computers, etc.) , the choice of keywords (which is optional), the internal links, the selection of the template (optional) and the choice of language. In a few seconds the platform creates the first version of the content that can be modified or integrated by the user directly in the platform's editor.

Editby saves time not only in the data/information collection phase and creation of the first version of the content. Also in the strategic review phase of the text, the platform provides suggestions related to all aspects of SEO that allow the text to be optimized, facilitating positioning in search engines.

Under the analytical profile, Editby provides reports related to all the elements that impact positioning, allowing a review of all aspects that negatively affect organic growth.

In conclusion, while AI blogging has its limitations currently, it still offers immense benefits by automating several aspects of content creation. With careful editing and human touch-ups, you can leverage these tools to produce high-quality blogs efficiently.

So why wait?

Start exploring the world of AI blogging today! Try Editby

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