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for Startups

for Startups

Are you a startup and want to grow your online presence?

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Outsmart competitors and use AI to rank #1 on Google positions

AI It’s a tool, not the writer. Used wrong, it writes nonsense, generic words. Instead, use it to create unique content, with custom templates, and integrating your existing content.

All-in-one Content SEO optimization

Unify all your SEO work with the content creation efforts. Get Google EEAT-optimized content, short-tail and long-tail keyword suggestions, monitor your company keywords position, and get real-time SERP analysis.

Content from multiple sources

Create rich content integrating info from multiple sources, including blog posts, videos, and papers.

Monitor your company Keywords

Once you have decided which keywords to create content for, start tracking them and see how you rank.

Custom templates

Use templates from famous companies or create yours to format every creation with the same style always.

Add your company brand

Maintain your unique brand style and format across all content, ensuring consistency and relevance.