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How to use [January 2024]

Borja Soler

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How to use [January 2024]

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Welcome to the future of content creation!

Here, artificial intelligence is not just an assistant. It's a powerhouse driving your SEO and content marketing strategies. In this guide, we'll explore how can revolutionize how you create, optimize, and distribute content.

Introduction to Platform is a cutting-edge platform. It is designed for digital marketers, SEO specialists, and content creators that aim to maximize their online presence. The intuitive interface and robust features are powered by AI technology. Users can easily create high-quality content that resonates with their audience. It also ranks well on search engines.

Navigating through the platform is seamless. Upon logging in, you're greeted with a dashboard showcasing all your documents. If it's your first time using or you haven't created any records yet, don't worry. The platform will guide you through each step with tooltip prompts and suggestions.

The clean, uncluttered layout allows beginners to easily find their way around without feeling overwhelmed. Everything is clearly labeled and categorized into intuitive sections - whether you want to view past projects, create new content, analyze performance metrics, or leverage one of's many built-in SEO tools.

Navigating the Main Dashboard

The main dashboard serves as your command center. Here, you'll find quick access to all your projects—past, present, and those in development.

For example, your dashboard may display:

  • A summary of articles and other content generated over the past month

  • Suggested topics and headlines for new blog posts based on your company's focus keywords

  • Performance stats for your latest campaign to create backlinks through guest posting outreach

  • A calendar view of upcoming content publishing and promotion activities

With all essential information and action items visible at a glance, the dashboard enables users to prioritize tasks and quickly progress on multiple fronts. Everything starts from your command station, whether brainstorming content ideas, tracking KPIs, or managing an editorial calendar.

Utilizing the Keywords Tab for Content Creation

One of the most powerful tools within is the Keywords tab. This feature allows you to search for keywords globally based on specific criteria such as location, language, niche market segments, and more.

For instance, searching "SEO content" in the United States yields a list of relevant keywords along with crucial data like:

  • Keyword difficulty scores

  • Search volumes

  • Related questions

  • Monthly trends

  • Top-ranking domains

With a few clicks, you have a strategic overview of topics resonating in your target market - including relative demand and competitiveness data to inform content planning.

By combining keyword research with's AI-powered writing and optimization capabilities, creators can rapidly research, develop, and fine-tune content matched to audience interests.

Keyword Difficulty and Search Volume

A strategic approach involves filtering keywords that are easier to rank for but still have significant search volume—the ideal sweet spot for creating impactful content.

Keyword difficulty gives insight into how challenging it would be to rank for a particular term based on current competition levels. Lower scores indicate less competition, thus greater feasibility to rank content targeting that keyword.

Search volume reveals how often people look up specific keywords or questions - vital information when deciding which terms deserve focus in your content strategies and campaigns. High search volumes indicate stronger commercial intent and more frequent searches by users interested in a topic.

By cross-referencing difficulty and volume metrics, creators can zero in on "goldilocks" keywords - not too easy or competitive, but just right for devoting resources towards content development and promotion.

Specifically, one can identify promising targets for new articles and campaigns by selecting 'easy' under keyword difficulty filters while keeping an eye on upward monthly search trends. This helps ensure that time and resources invested in content creation yield tangible SEO results.

For example, a difficulty score of 30 would indicate lower competition for that term versus an 80+ score. Meanwhile, look for search volumes in the hundreds or low thousands per month to balance ranking potential and traffic value.

Analyzing Trends for Strategic Content Planning

The trends analysis within offers valuable insights into whether interest in specific topics has been increasing, decreasing, or holding steady over recent months.

This enables more informed decisions about what kind of content could capture attention right now—and what might continue drawing traffic over longer time horizons.

For example, a topic with declining interest may not warrant extensive content investment. Conversely, new and emerging subjects on an upward trend could represent opportune timing for those looking to establish thought leadership early.

By identifying rising stars versus fading fads, organizations can take a targeted approach - doubling down on evergreen pillars of their industry while tapping into burgeoning areas with less competition.

Generating a Tree of Ideas for Topic Development

The Tree of Ideas feature suggests related subtopics based on Google searches linked to your primary keyword(s). It presents questions commonly asked by users—like "What is SEO?" or "How do I improve my website's SEO?"—inspiring new articles that address these queries directly.

By exploring various branches within this tree-like structure of ideas, one can develop comprehensive pieces covering multiple facets of a subject matter—all while staying tightly aligned with user intent.

For example:

  • What does effective SEO entail?

  • Tips for optimizing website structure

  • Common misconceptions about backlinks

These prompts serve as starting points for detailed discussions to cover subtopics in greater depth.

The Tree of Ideas allows creators to rapidly map out extensive content plans while retaining focus on core topics people care about. Whether writing a single article or a months-long editorial series, these AI-generated content structures ensure all major themes get addressed through interconnected clusters of posts.

Crafting SEO-Optimized Content

When it comes time to put pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—Editby. Ai's editor supports rich formatting options, including:

  • Headings (H1s, H2s, etc.)

  • Bullet points

  • Numbered lists

  • Bold and italic text

  • Inserting images

  • Adding code blocks

  • Exporting directly to WordPress, Ghost, or other platforms

This functionality ensures visually appealing layouts and textually engaging, fine-tuned narratives for human readers and search algorithms.

Moreover, the ability to export completed articles directly to WordPress, Ghost, or other content management platforms means no formatting is lost during the transfer process. This makes publishing a streamlined affair.

But beyond aesthetics lies the heart of optimization, which is achieved through carefully incorporating targeted key phrases throughout body copy, headers, meta descriptions, and more. This ensures relevance and readability for both human eyes and search algorithms.

Interlinking Content

Consider weaving internal links naturally into the article's flow - for instance, discussing social media strategy might link to your piece titled "How Increase Instagram Engagement Ultimate Guide." This provides additional value to readers while directing them to further resources on your site.

Simultaneously, interlinking helps boost your overall domain authority by demonstrating extensive expertise across subjects covered on your blog or website.

Enhancing Authority with XML Sitemaps

Additionally, leveraging your website's sitemap XML file (provided during's setup phase) aids the automatic generation of internal connections - thus simplifying this crucial task considerably.

By allowing to access your sitemap, the platform can intelligently insert relevant links across articles - linking to related content without you having to manually keep track of pages or topics covered elsewhere on your site.

This enhances interlinking, provides readers with pathways to more information, and strengthens perceptions of your brand as an authority within your niche.

In practice, adequately integrated internal linking might look as follows: demonstrated in a recent study published on [case studies of businesses using AI effectively](

This snippet showcases the technique, where anchor text reflects the destination page's topic - woven seamlessly into the overarching narrative. Readers follow along the journey of discovery and exploration through your knowledge base.

In turn, this cultivation of immersive learning experiences - crafted by hands that wield the power of language to shape perceptions and influence actions - can impact scale. allows creators to put their best voices forward from the collective consciousness to individual readers.

Distributing and Promoting Content

While crafting optimized content is crucial, getting it read by the right audiences can prove even more vital to success.

Here, too, eases the heavy lifting through its unique Convert tab, allowing users to generate condensed versions of articles for social media quickly.

For instance, completed blog posts can be transformed into:

  • Thread templates - pre-structured sequences of multiple tweets to promote the content across Twitter

  • LinkedIn posts with optimized captions and links to drive visitors from the platform

  • Facebook/Meta summaries that pique interest and direct audiences back to the entire piece

Rather than trying to cram details into tiny character limits or guess what phrasing works best - let handle crafting social snippets designed to create maximum engagement.

This enables a coordinated omnichannel distribution strategy native to how users consume information on their preferred platforms. No more wrestling formats - instead, focus efforts on connecting content with communities primed to appreciate the value it provides.

Analyzing Performance and Planning Ongoing Improvements

The work of growth is never complete - and provides robust analytics to inform the continual refinement of content and distribution approaches over time.

Customized performance dashboards showcase metrics like:

  • most famous types of articles published

  • Highest traffic landing pages

  • Top referral sites or links driving visits

  • Keyword rankings in search engines

  • Engagement rates on social posts

Monitoring such intelligence offers insights into what resonates. Creators can then fine-tune editorial plans and promotion tactics accordingly - doubling down on what converts while phasing out less effective formats or subjects.

Ongoing analysis is critical as search algorithms, audience interests, and competitive forces constantly evolve. Having a pulse on these dynamics allows organizations to adapt in real time.

It's why also generates weekly optimization recommendations based on the latest trends and suggested content ideas that align with target focus keywords.

These intelligent suggestions fuel perpetual improvement cycles - ensuring content remains compelling, authoritative, and highly discoverable by those seeking your brand's unique value.

The platform transforms creation from one-off projects into an agile, continuous process where insights inform actions on an ongoing basis.

Don't forget that by leveraging AI-powered tools like Editby, companies can create personalized content that:

  • aligns with individual intentions;

  • improving the overall customer experience; and

  • increasing conversion rates.

Borja Soler

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Editby helps content writers, companies, newsletter writers and more.


Try it for free
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Editby helps content writers, companies, newsletter writers and more.


Try it for free
and start creating

Editby helps content writers, companies, newsletter writers and more.