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Aug 4, 2023

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Maria Ruocco

The growth strategy of a profile on instagram cannot be separated from an extreme attention to the publication time of the posts.

As we have already seen in the previous article (How to increase instagram engagement: the ultimate guide), it is important to define which are the moments of greatest activity of our followers to understand when is the best time to post.

In this article we will try to go deeper into this topic to get the maximum engagement.

Why is it important to define your personal publication time?

Although various studies have identified the times that in general should allow you to intercept the largest number of online users who can potentially come into contact with our post, nothing is more effective than determining your personal publication time.

Defining this time allows you to determine when your followers are most active on Instagram in order to increase the chances of interaction with the post. This greater activity will then translate into greater engagement which will allow the instagram algorithm to attribute a higher evaluation to our profile.

The situation is this: you need to publish a post at a time when the largest number of your followers are online, scrolling through their feeds and ready to like you.

What is the most effective formula on Instagram?

Consistency + quality content + posting at the optimal time for your audience

How do I find my optimal time to post?

Each profile's community has a unique and different behavioral pattern therefore generalization is not the best strategy in this field.

Let's start with these two assumptions:

  • the instagram algorithm prioritizes the most recent content

  • to increase the interactions it is necessary to post when the followers are online

General consideration

A large number of studies have shown that the universal best time to post on Instagram is is 11.00 AM on Wednesdays.

More generally, time slots have been identified in which users are more active online:

Best time to post On Instagram

Personal optimal time to post

Apart from the previous considerations, it must be said that each profile has its own community and that we should not rely on general numbers for the growth of our profile.

It is therefore necessary to analyze your personal numbers to understand the behavior of your community that could diverge from the general forecasts.

To understand at what time the greatest number of your followers are online, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open instagram and go to Menu> Insights, where you will find your profile statistics related to the activities of the people who follow you

  • To access the Insights you must have switched to a professional account by using the Settings & privacy> Account type and tools > Switch to a professional account

  • Press Insights> Total number of followers > Periods of greatest activity > Times tab: look at the graph that is shown to you, in order to identify the times of greatest activity of your followers for each day of the week

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