Jan 31, 2024

SEO: search engine optimization jobs. Careers and salaries.

Maria Ruocco

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in digital marketing, helping businesses increase their online visibility and reach more customers. With the growing demand for SEO services, SEO careers have become quite lucrative. This article explores common SEO jobs and their respective average salaries as of 2023.

Overview of SEO careers and salaries

SEO is a broad field with various specialized roles, including:

  • SEO Manager - Oversees all SEO activities company-wide.

  • SEO Director - Sets strategic direction for SEO initiatives at the executive level.

  • SEO Specialist - Implements and manages different aspects of SEO strategy.

  • Technical SEO Expert - Ensures website is optimized for search engines.

  • Link Building Specialist - Focuses on acquiring backlinks to pages.

  • Content Writer - Creates optimized content with target keywords.

  • SEO Analyst - Evaluates website's SEO performance and provides recommendations.

Now let's analyze the average salaries for these positions.

SEO Manager Salaries

An SEO manager puts all search optimization efforts in organization.

Their key duties include:

  • Keyword research

  • SEO performance analysis

  • Managing SEO team and projects

  • Overseeing content creation

According to Glassdoor data, the average SEO manager salary is $82,142 per year.

SEO Director Salaries

The SEO director holds an executive position involving:

  • Developing SEO strategy

  • Planning and executing initiatives

  • Improving search engine rankings

  • Expanding website visibility

Glassdoor reports the average salary for this role as $119,877 annually.

SEO Specialist Salaries

Core responsibilities of an SEO specialist include:

  • Keyword research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Content optimization

  • Link building

The average salary range for SEO specialists is $58,111 per Glassdoor.

Technical SEO Salaries

Some key duties of a technical SEO expert:

  • Ensuring website links are working

  • Optimizing site security

  • Improving site speed

  • Facilitating XML sitemap functionality

Average yearly earnings for this role - $52,885 as per Glassdoor data.

Link Building Specialist Salaries

Link building specialists focus on:

  • Identifying link building opportunities

  • Reaching out to acquire backlinks

  • Building quality links to boost rankings

Their salaries align closely with SEO specialist or manager levels.

Content Writer Salaries

SEO content writers duties focus on:

  • Research target keywords

  • Craft optimized, engaging articles

  • Format content using best practices

Per Glassdoor, the average salary is $46,499 annually.

SEO Analyst Salaries

Some typical key duties of a SEO analyst responsibilities are:

  • Evaluating website's SEO performance

  • Identifying areas for improvement

  • Providing recommendations to enhance rankings, traffic and engagement

Average yearly pay - $68,466 as per Glassdoor.

Factors Influencing SEO Salaries

To have an overall view of the parameters that make up the salary, you must consider these factors:

  • Experience - More experienced professionals earn higher

  • Location - Salary differences based on cost of living

  • Company Size - Bigger budgets at larger firms

  • Specialization - Premium skills like technical SEO command better packages

As demand grows, SEO presents expanding career opportunities across specializations.

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