Aug 30, 2023

How to earn money as content creator? Strategies to earn $1 Million

Maria Ruocco

Writing has long been viewed as a passion-driven rather than a lucrative profession.

But today the story has changed! In a recent interview, Nicolas Cole, a seasoned writer, shared five promising strategies that can help writers make at least $1 million off their writing work.

These strategies include:

  • ghostwriting;

  • offer services and products;

  • mastery of sales copywriting;

  • launching a paid newsletter;

  • writing a book.

Each approach offers unique opportunities for writers to monetize their skills and expertise.

Ghostwriting: creating words for the success of others

The ghostwriter is a professional author paid to write books, articles, stories and scientific publications or compositions, officially attributed to another person.

Being a ghost writer is a profession that requires special skills: you need to know how to write, know how to listen, know how to ask the right questions and know how to manage the relationship with the client.

This strategy allows writers to showcase their skills while gaining credibility in the industry. By working with influential individuals or companies such as ghostwriters, writers can tap into established networks and earn substantial income.

The 10 Most Famous Ghostwriters in History:

  • Alan Dean Foster

  • Peter Lerangis

  • H.P. Lovecraft

  • Raymond Benson

  • Andrew Neiderman

  • Ryan Nerz/Daniel Ehrenhaft

  • Mark Twain

  • Aleister Crowley

  • Robert Lindsay

  • Julia Turshen

Offer services and products: scale beyond time limits

Service production involves transforming your expertise into digital assets that can be sold over and over again with no time constraints.

There are numerous ways you can translate your talent into business like:

  • creating online courses,

  • creating ebooks, or

  • creating other digital products based on your knowledge and skills.

In this way, you can expand your earning potential beyond the limitations of traditional client-based work. Offering free services initially can help you demonstrate the value of your expertise before moving on to paid offers.

Some examples here:

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Mastering Sales Copywriting: persuasion and profitability

Sales copywriting is the art of using persuasive language to drive sales and conversions.

It is clear that for a company the most important aspect concerns sales. Anything that can increase sales automatically becomes of great value for the company.

That's why making your contribution in this area can prove very profitable.

Mastering this skill allows writers to earn higher payouts by delivering compelling copy that generates results for businesses. Understanding the power of words in sales and charging based on results rather than hours worked is critical to maximizing revenue in this field.

Starting a paid Newsletter: meeting the needs of a specific audience

Newsletters have gained popularity as an effective way for writers to monetize their content directly through subscriptions.

By responding to specific audience needs with curated content delivered regularly via email, writers can build a loyal subscriber base and generate recurring revenue.

Treating newsletters as a business venture requires consistent content creation, marketing efforts, and the provision of unique value to subscribers.

One of the most popular platforms used by newsletter writers is Substack.
If you intend to start writing your newsletter, you will surely find this service interesting.

Another essential tool to speed up your work and make you more competitive with respect to other colleagues is Editby.
Editby is a writing assistant that helps you write faster without leaving out your personal contribution.

Writing a book: traditional publishing vs self-publishing

Writing a book remains one of the more traditional yet potentially lucrative paths for writers to earn substantial income.

Writers can choose between:

  • conventional publishing deals, or

  • self-publishing, each with their own benefits and considerations.

While securing a publishing deal may offer wider distribution and recognition, self-publishing allows for greater ownership of the process and potential profits.

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Building a personal brand and leveraging digital platforms

In today's digital age, building a personal brand is crucial for writers to stand out in a saturated market.

Using digital platforms such as:

  • social media,

  • blogs,

  • podcasts,

  • Medium, ecc.

allows writers to reach a wider audience and maximize their visibility.

By creating engaging content that resonates with their target audience, writers can attract followers who could become clients or customers.

Diversifying Your Writing Paths: Opening Multiple Streams of Income

To increase your potential income , diversifying your writing avenues is key.

Exploring different niches in the writing industry and offering various types of writing services can open up multiple streams of income. This includes:

  • freelance writing for publications or companies,

  • content creation for websites or blogs,

  • copywriting for advertising agencies or brands,

  • technical writing for industries that require specialized knowledge, among other opportunities.

Treating Writing Like a Business: Business Sense and Lifelong Learning

To achieve financial success as a writer, it is essential to view writing as a business rather than just a creative expression.

This involves:

  • understanding market trends,

  • studying human psychology to master effective copywriting techniques,

  • continuously learning and adapting to changes in the industry,  

  • developing strong business acumen.

By embracing these principles and continually upskilling in both the writing and business management aspects, writers can maximize their earning potential.


While earning $1 million writing may seem like a lofty goal, these strategies provide writers with a roadmap to pursuing financial success.

By diversifying their writing paths, building a personal brand, and treating writing like a business, writers can significantly increase their income potential.

It's important to remember that earning a sizable income as a writer requires dedication, perseverance, continuous learning, and adaptation to the changing landscape of the industry.

With the right mindset and strategic approach, writers can turn their passion for words into wealth.

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