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Aug 2, 2023

How often should you post on YouTube: the ultimate guide

Maria Ruocco

Growth on content-sharing platforms comes through careful planning of steps to take.

Creating content that is of good quality and easy to enjoy is definitely the first step to take.

But this is not enough. In fact, creating good content once in a while will not make our channel grow. For this reason, the question we often ask is:

  • How often should I post on YouTube?

There is no one answer; there are several factors to consider when deciding how often to upload.

Let's try to understand a little better what we mean and what are the factors to consider.


Remember the first watchword for growing on YouTube is consistency.

Only those who will be able to ensure consistent publications despite initial few views will reap the rewards of this work.

So, before you figure out how often to post, you should understand right away that once you have identified your posting interval (e.g., twice a week, once a week, etc.), you should try to stick to it with some precision.

Quality over quantity

Before defining how often we should publish our content to grow on Youtube, we must also keep another aspect in mind. Creating quality content has more impact than producing a lot of low-quality content.

Therefore, we need to figure out (by analyzing the type of topics we talk about and the type of audience we are targeting) how much time we can devote to producing content of acceptable quality.

Mind you, we are not talking about perfect content but simply good quality (are you bringing value to the people who will view your video?).

Know your audience and your content

Another element to consider is the type of audience we target and the type of content we publish.
If our audience is interested in our daily life, then it will be possible to film our life day after day and produce a vlog a week.

An example in the fashion industry, is that of Alexandra Pereira who publishes one video a week and simultaneously does a live.

Alexandra Pereira: how she grows on YouTube

Test, analyze and find your frequency

At this point we can move on to quantities. As we said, there is no rule that strictly defines how many videos should be published in a week or a month.

We can certainly say that publishing once a week can be a good compromise between all the points we analyzed above. In this time frame, you can generally create quality content by making sure you are consistent.

For instance, Luisito Comunica publishes with a higher frequency than Alexandra Pereira because her contents are not vlogs and he can take advantage of a single trip to make more contents related to food.

Luisito Comunica: How he grows on YouTube

That said, it must be reiterated that this is an approximation.

The advice is to give yourself a time to test the solution that works best for your channel.
Try for a few weeks to publish more than one piece of content per week.
Then try posting just one. At this point proceed to an analysis of the data.

Remember that growth is never immediate, so make sure you have been testing for a sufficient amount of time.

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Share your YouTube schedule with your audience

When you publish content, remember to keep in mind to share your calendar and your publication deadlines with your audience. This way you will be able to retain your audience.

In the case we have seen before of Alexandra Pereira, we have seen how both in Instagram stories and within her vlogs, she always makes an appointment with her audience for the following Thursday.
His parents know they have an appointment on Thursday at 20.00 with Alexandra.

So don't post a new random video every week, but decide on a specific day and time.
This obvious strategy will also allow you to measure the growth of the channel more easily and allow you to reach a compromise with yourself in order to be on time with the publication.

Anticipate some steps

The creation and publication of a video are not immediate.

In order to make a video you need a script, a description and a thumbnail.

Start working on these things in advance so you can be punctual.
To create your scripts faster and more effectively use Editby.


Following these steps will help you understand how often to post your videos.

Initially it might be a little difficult because you will have to find a way to combine content creation with your daily schedule. To these initial difficulties will be added the fear of creating content unnecessarily because the initial views will be low. But we have good news! It's all normal and part of the journey. Do not give up!

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