Dec 6, 2023

Best 15 alternatives to Jasper AI [2024]

Maria Ruocco

Jasper AI has made a name for itself when it comes to AI writing tools. However, it is not the only player in the game and there are many other tools like Editby, Rytr or WriteSonic that you can consider when you want AI assistant support or to find an alternative to Jasper.

We must therefore now move on to the analysis of the tools that are Jasper AI alternatives and that you can introduce into your work routine to work quickly and efficiently.

Let's take a look at the best Jasper AI alternatives...

Best alternatives to Jasper AI

  1. Editby

  2. Rytr

  3. Writesonic

  4. Writer

  5. Longshot AI


  7. Anyword

  8. Hypotenuse.AI

  9. Peppertype

  10. Snazzy AI

  11. Scalenut

  12. Simplified

  13. Wordtune


  15. Article Forge


Editby is an AI writing tool used by people or companies that are working on their personal o commercial brand. The aim of this tool is to create original and SEO otimized content that help people/companies to be reached by potential users.

This platform is the perfect solution for founders, marketing agencies, newsletter creators, social media managers, blog writers and journalists because starting from multiple sources (article links, YouTube Videos, PDF and more) you can create articles, blog post, newsletter, thread, long post, long script or short script.

Editby best features

  • Content opportunities suggestions

  • Creation of content from multiple inputs (articles, PDFs, YouTube videos and more)

  • Generation of long articles, newsletters and long/ short scripts

  • Brand integration (reproduce your personal or commercial brand's writing style)

  • Template based generation (General Templates + Custom Templates for brand's voice)

  • Multilingual content creation

  • E-chat personal cowriter that provides ideas, inspiration and feedback

  • Internal SEO analysis system with Advices, Keywords and Questions (no need subscriptions to other external tool like Semrush or Ahref)

  • Keywords monitoring

  • Internal link buiding (connections to related content within your domain in just seconds)

  • Content converter for social platforms (LinkedIn, X, Instagram, etc.)

Editby pricing

  • Starter - 39.90$

  • Professional - 99.90$

  • Enterprise - Custom


Rytr is one of the Jasper AI alternatives that we need to add in this list. This platform helps content creators write content faster both in the blog writing phase and in the email drafting phase.

Those interested in generating content quickly in varioustones and languages can consider using this tool. This tool allows also to generate images. You can consider this tool as one of the free alternatives to Jasper AI.

Rytr best features

  • Multiple use cases (emails, facebook Ads)

  • Multilingual content creation

  • Images creation

Rytr pricing

  • Free plan - 0$

  • Saver plan - 9$

  • Unlimited plan - 29$


Writesonic is an AI writing assistant tool that marketing teams value as alternatives to Jasper AI. Within the platform you can generate images and try it without inserting the card. It also offers some integrations that may be of interest to those who use multiple publishing systems.

This AI writing assistant can help you create landing pages, blog posts, Facebook ads, Google Ads, product descriptions, emails, and articles quickly thanks to its built-in GPT-4 engine. If you are looking for free alternatives to Jasper ai, you can consider the basic plan of WriteSonic.

WriteSonic best features

  • Audio generation

  • Create a checklist of action items

  • Images generation

  • Rework your content to be more effective

  • Chatsonic Chrome extension

WriteSonic pricing

  • Free - 0$

  • Small teams - 13$

  • Freelancers - 16$

  • Entreprise - 500+$


Witer is one of the Jasper AI alternatives that can't miss in a list related to this argument. Writer is an AI writing assistant for teams that help them to define content guidelines (from writing style to inclusive writing) and get writing suggestions anywhere including in Figma and Chrome.

Inside the platform teams can add them brand terms to get inline suggestions as them write and use templates related to advertising, external comms, general, marketing, product, recruiting, sales, support.

Writer best features

  • Define content guidelines

  • Templates for different use cases

  • Terms use settings

  • Internal link building

Writer pricing

  • Team - 18$

  • Enterprise - Custom

Longshot AI

Longshot AI is a writing assistant for creating long-form content that needs to rank online. The intent of the platform is to support users in going through the idea/research/content generation flow in just a few seconds.

The technology it uses allows the platform to understand text and semantics in order to generate content that should be quite precise. This tool is mostly used to write essays (narrative, descriptive, process, argumentative, critical essays).

Longshot AI best features

  • Tone of voice

  • Essay generator

  • Templates for different use cases

Longshot pricing

  • Pro - 19$

  • Team - 49$

  • Custom plan

Copy AI is an AI writing tool for the generation of short/long content that companies or people can use inside organisations to creare texts to use in different ways. Teams can create sales copies, digital ad copies, e-commerce product descriptions,emails,blog posts, social media posts, and website copies.

Copy ai doesn't natively generate images or videos, but can help if you are looking for a chat system that provides templates and prompt ready to be used in a few seconds and save the results as projects. can be consider among the free alternatives to Jasper AI.

Copy AI best features

  • Real-Time Search

  • Long Form Content

  • Brainstorm Ideas

Copy AI pricing

  • Free - 0$

  • Pro - 36$

  • Team - 186$

  • Growth - 1.000$

  • Scale - 3.000$


Anyword is one of the Jasper AI alternatives that focuses on sales and conversions. This copywriting software has different cases of use like Twitter ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads.

Anyword can be used by marketing teams and product and sales persons because it can also generate tweets, email subject lines, YouTube titles and descriptions, productnames and descriptions, landing page for your sales funnel and others.

Anyword best features

  • Content Improver

  • Social posts templates

Anyword pricing

  • Starter - 39$

  • Data-driver - 79$

  • Business - 349$

  • Enterprise - Custom

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse is an AI writing assistant that allows you to create content in over 25 languages. This tool has different field of application like Blog article, Instagram captions, Product description, Rewrite content and Summerize content.

This platform allows also the creation of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin posts, YouTube video and description, videohook and description.

Hypotenuse best features

  • Built-in image generation tools

  • Product description

  • Plagiarism checker 

Hypotenuse pricing

  • Individual - from 29$

  • Teams - from 59$


PepperContent is an AI writing assistant that provides specialised prompts that match your marketing goals and topic suggestions on competitor data and AI suggestions.

PepperContent can generate a list of keywords and evaluate factors like ranking difficulty, trend and volume.

PepperContent best features

  • SEO internal system

  • Brand integration

  • Templates for different use cases

PepperContent pricing

  • Only custom

Smart Copy

Smart Copy by Unbounce is another Jasper AI alternatives that you can value. This tool can generate sentences, paragraphs, and whole stories in seconds.

With over 45 templates at your disposal, Smart Copy generete content in different languages and provides to its user a chrome extension that give you rapid access to the tool. If you need only basic features, you can consider to use Smart Copy among the free alternatives to Jasper ai.

Smart Copy best features

  • 45+ Templates

  • 30+ Languages

  • Chrome extesion

Smart Copy pricing

  • Free - 0$

  • Essential - 19$

  • Unlimited - 49$


Scalenut is an AI content creation and SEO tool designed that provedes solutions tailored for marketers, writers and entrepreneurs. The core functionality of Scalenut includes generating relevant content ideas, leveraging semantic keyword recommendations, offering real-time SEO scoring, and enabling automatic optimization to improve search engine rankings.

Its standout feature is the Long-Form AI + SEO Intelligence which allows users to see and utilize relevant keywords alongside data on their competition.

Scalenut best features

  • SERP Analysis

  • Document Sharing

  • Tone of Voice

Smart Copy pricing

  • Essential - 39$

  • Growth - 79$

  • Pro - 149$

  • Enterprise - Custom


Simplified is an AI-powered platform that enables users to create a wide range of marketing content with ease like blog posts, social media content, websites, and more. Simplified offers capabilities for video creation and collaboration across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. If you need a free tool, just only to try, you can consider Simplified among the free alternatives to Jasper AI with its basic plan.

Simplified provides a suite of design tools powered by AI that include features such as a magic resizer for instant resizing of projects, a background remover for images, and a single-click animation creator. This platform also offers an AI writer that supports over 20 languages and various tones to generate plagiarism-free long-form content quickly.

Simplified best features

  • Share Documents as Public Pages

  • 1-Click WordPress Export

  • 20+ Languages

Simplified pricing

  • AI Writer Free - 0$

  • AI Writer Pro - 18$


Wordtune is an AI writing assistant with the ability to revise sentences, correct grammar, spelling errors, and offer AI-driven suggestions tailored to the user's style. It is also a versatile tool for summarizing content from multiple sources such as YouTube videos, blog articles, and PDFs.

The platform is designed for ease of use across devices, including desktops and mobile phones, and integrates well with other apps. Wordtune offers a free trial without requiring credit card details. Also in this case, if you want try the platform you can test Wordtune that could be consider a good option between the free alternatives to Jasper AI.

Wordtune best features

  • Summaries features

  • Rewrites features

Wortune pricing

  • Free - 0$

  • Plus - 24.99$

  • Unlimited - 37.50$

  • Business - Custom

Word AI

WordAI is an AI writing assistant that helps users to get a brainstorm of multiple variations of user's ideas and clean up your content to improve quality.

Bulk rewriting capabilities and direct workflow integration make it a tool for those looking to optimize their content strategy for SEO and audience engagement.

Word AI best features

  • One click rewriting

  • SEO internal system

Word AI pricing

  • Starter - 17$

  • Power - 57$

  • Enterprise - Custom

Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI writing tool to produce unique, SEO-optimized content at the click of a button. Users can generate complete articles over 1,500 words crafted in a manner that aligns with Google's AI evaluation algorithms.

This tools is useful for those who want schedule their contente thanks to the post schedule features that helps creators to manage the content publication flow.

Article Forge best features

  • Post scheduler

  • Usage information

  • API Information

Article Forge pricing

  • Starter - from 17$ to 127$

  • Business - Custom

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