Jan 19, 2024

13 content ideas for fashion blogs

Maria Ruocco

Blogs are an essential tool today to communicate fashion. Luxury brands themselves have chosen this means of communication to reach potential new customers or to present their collections in a new way. For example, we would only have to see how they do it: dior, gucci, chanel, etc.

Fashion blogs provide valuable information about the latest trends, style tips and much more. The content they offer to the public must be relevant, up-to-date and interesting and must reflect the unique personality of the blogger or brand.

For this reason, those who want to create fashion blogs need to diversify content to offer an experience that allows the user to identify the blog as a reference in the sector. The most effective way to attract readers' attention is to create various types of content that resolve doubts, questions or curiosity about fashion.

Let's look at some types of content that can work well on your blog.

Content ideas for your fashion blog

1. Outfits and fashion combinations

An effective way to generate interest among your followers is by showing different outfits or combinations with your favorite clothes. This not only shows off your unique sense of style but also gives your followers ideas on how they can style their own clothes.

Many of the influencers in the world of fashion have begun their journey on social networks thanks to blogs they wrote before these platforms went viral. There are many examples, such as: Chiara Ferragni, Alexandra Pereira, Camila Coelho, Negin Mirsalehi, Gabi Gregg, Wendy Nguyen, Sarah Vickers, etc.

2. Tutorials and step-by-step guides

Tutorials are another great way to provide value to your followers. This is not only useful for your followers, but also allows you to show your experience and knowledge in the field of fashion.

You can create step-by-step guides on how to use certain products or how to achieve a specific look or how to create a look inspired by a specific style or person.

3. The history and creation process

Sharing the story behind a product or collection can be fascinating. This could be the design process, the materials used, the inspirations behind the product, etc. This type of content adds depth to your posts and helps your followers appreciate the products more.

This is content that can help you create a brand identity.

For example, the Lady Dior bag from the Dior brand owes its name to Princess Diana Spencer who started using it. Around this situation, Dior has managed to create and tell an iconic product.

The same thing has happened with the Hermes Birkin bag since the name is due to the model who took a plane trip with director Jean-Louis Dumas. From this moment on, the story of the iconic Hemes bag began, which continues to be told as a legend.

4. Detailed information on specific products

Providing detailed information about specific products can also be very helpful. You can talk about their features, benefits, how to use them correctly and even share personal reviews. This not only provides value to your followers but can also help you establish partnerships with brands.

For example, people who are fond of bags look for a lot of information related to how to take care of the material of the bag or how to clean the bag.

5. Comparisons between different products or brands

Comparisons are another great way to provide value. You can compare different products or brands and share your honest opinion about it. This is not only helpful for your followers but also shows your integrity as a blogger.

It would be nice to create visual content that serves as inspiration to create looks and at the same time offers alternatives to users. For example, you could create a post with which you answer the question: "How can I recreate Bella Haddid's look on a low budget?"; "What are the big brand dupes made by Zara, Mango or H&M?", etc.

6. Thematic posts to maintain reader anticipation

Creating themed posts is a great way to keep your readers engaged. You can choose a specific topic (such as "sustainable fashion" or "spring-summer trends") and create several posts related to it.

This is normally a recurring type of content. This makes people become attached to the format and want to continue dedicating part of their time to watching your weekly content. This type of content is undervalued, but it can add a lot of value since people get closer to the brand or person and at the same time see the problem they have of constantly searching for resources on the topic that interests them solved.

7. Lists and compilations as a valuable information resource

The lists and compilations are easy to read and provide a lot of information in a compact format. You can create lists of your favorite products, the best sustainable fashion brands, the essentials for each season, etc.

This type of content can also be personalized. For example, one of the most appreciated content is sharing with followers all the clothes in the closet or all the sneakers. This means that people who appreciate our style can feel guided in making decisions related to purchases and at the same time feel part of our world.

8. Audiovisual content: live broadcasts and interaction with followers

Audiovisual content is very popular nowadays. Live broadcasts allow you to interact with your followers in real time and answer their questions instantly. You can also create tutorial videos or make video product reviews that you can publish on a blog.

More and more people seem to appreciate the creation of mixed content where the text is accompanied by a video. This means that the explanation of a concept does not remain only at a theoretical level since people have the possibility of visually seeing what is being talked about. Many fashion magazines usually use this type of content such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, etc.

9. Current news about catwalks, trends, presentations of brands or famous people

Keeping your followers informed about the latest news from the fashion world is another great way to provide value. You can talk about the latest trends, fashion shows, new collection launches and much more.

Normally people who follow the world of fashion do not want to miss the most important events in the sector such as Milan, Paris and NY fashion weeks. These events usually require an invitation and, although brands increasingly broadcast the show on platforms, people prefer to discover the collections thanks to the impressions and comments of their favorite influencers or bloggers. So this also turns out to be a good opportunity.

10. How to generate engagement through interactive content

Finally, it is important to remember that the final objective is to generate engagement with the people who follow us. This can be achieved by creating interactive content such as polls, contests or simply asking your followers' opinions on different topics.

To be able to generate this type of dynamic in a blog, you can add the possibility of leaving a comment, adding a quiz or you can create a forum that allows you to build a community with your readers. All this will help create a feeling of closeness with your followers.

11. Newsletter

Another very effective way to build reader loyalty is to establish a recurring point of contact with them that demonstrates a very clear commitment between you and your readers: on the one hand, followers want to periodically receive your ideas (or those of your brand) and you have to commit to providing that content in a certain period of time.

Almost all brands and content creators in the fashion world have started using this strategy. Normally, in the case of brands, to ensure that people subscribe to the newsletter and can continue to engage with them through the newsletter, they provide people who subscribe with a small discount.

If your blog is related to your brand, we advise you to offer your readers a discount for subscribing.

If you are a blogger, we advise you to provide, as an incentive to subscribe, a free resource that provides value and that will arrive in the subscribers' email along with the subscription confirmation.

12. Presentation of collections and campaigns

For both brands and bloggers, the blog is a means to make people, potentially interested in brands or content, aware of new collections or campaigns that you have launched on the web.

For the brand it is an opportunity to explain to the public the philosophy behind the collection or the reasons behind a campaign and why the brand has decided to collaborate with a certain person or use certain materials.

For bloggers, it can become an opportunity to draw the attention of brands that want to collaborate because they have recognized in their content a bridge between them and potential consumers.

13. Point out emerging brands

One of the opportunities that we believe may resonate with you is to point out emerging brands to your readers. Fans of the sector love to search and discover new brands. What they don't love is wasting a lot of time looking for this information. Therefore, one of the contents that could differentiate you from the competition is to repeatedly provide information about new brands of shoes, coats, and clothing in general.

For example, those who love luxury bags but cannot afford to spend a lot of money usually look for quality alternatives at a lower cost.

For example, people who love the CELINE brand tend to appreciate brands like Polene, Maje, Strathberry or Soeur.

Conclusion: the crucial role of content quality in the success of a fashion blog

In conclusion, content plays a crucial role in the success of a fashion blog. By providing value through content, you not only attract more followers but also build a strong relationship with them.

Obviously, when choosing the strategy to create the blog, it is necessary to understand what results you want to achieve thanks to the publication of content.

The strategy that a person who wants to create their clothing brand must adopt is different from that of someone who simply wants to share information about fashion without any commercial objective. Identifying this allows us to understand how often to publish, which niche to target and how to improve the SEO strategy.

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