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Aug 6, 2023

10 Inspiring Post Ideas on LinkedIn

Maria Ruocco

Creating content on linkedin is the hook that links your profile to the people who follow you. That's why you have to be constant because when this hook isn't there people go in other directions.

If consistency is the key to being successful, certainly an equally important factor is the variety of formats that we present to our current and potential followers.

The format of the posts helps us to differentiate our content and always give something new to our followers. Furthermore, having clear what kind of models it is possible to propose certainly speeds up the work because you have some very clear starting ideas.

Let's take a look at some templates that can be useful for your Linkedin profile and that can come in handy when you need to create your posts.

1. Leveraging personal stories and experiences

🪝 Hook
Sharing personal stories or experiences can build genuine connections with your audience.

Users are people and, as happens in the real world, they feel identified with people who have had similar experiences. Furthermore, users normally find more interesting those who are willing to tell different and more personal aspects than those that could be read on any newspaper page.

Talk about the challenges you've faced or the lessons you've learned and ask your followers to share theirs. In this way, potential followers will understand that by following your profile they will be able to collect not only your experiences but also those of other people in the sector who follow you.

💡 Key Insight
Personal stories help foster connections by showing the human side of professionals.

👉 Jose Ancer LinkedIn Post

2. Growth Hacks: sharing actionable tips

🪝 Hook
Providing growth hacks related to your niche offers actionable tips that resonate with readers.

When a user follows a person, they expect them to tell their experiences in an analytical and concrete way. Everyone knows that a company needs a good marketing or sales team to grow, but those who follow a CMO expect to learn timely and honest strategies. For general and vague concepts, remember they can always get a book, but they're looking for your expertise.

Your experience is the added value of your narratives. Share strategies, tricks or techniques that have helped you succeed in your field.

💡 Key Insight
Growth hack posts provide value by offering practical advice that readers can implement in their own professional lives.

👉 Peter Sorgenfrei LinkedIn Post

3. Videos: captivating attention and generating leads

🪝 Hook
Incorporating video into your content strategy captures attention, sparks conversation, and generates leads on LinkedIn. multimedia content manages to capture the attention of the public more than any written text.

The combination of colors, sounds, texts and clear messages makes the learning experience much closer. But not only. If you want to talk about your product, there's nothing better than showing it.

Create videos that showcase case studies, behind-the-scenes processes, or informative tutorials related to your experience.

💡 Key Insight
Videos engage viewers through visual storytelling and can significantly increase engagement rates on LinkedIn.

👉 Borja Soler LinkedIn Post

4. Statistics and Data: establishing credibility and encouraging conversations

🪝 Hook
Sharing interesting statistics or data related to your industry builds credibility as an industry expert. Use reliable sources to back up your claims and encourage conversations between professionals on LinkedIn.

People love this type of data because in this way they can understand if we are really working on our ideas or projects and if it is interesting to follow us on how we achieved that goal.

Your potential followers are looking for role models to replicate, and you must be willing to provide objective information that makes your journey easier to understand.

💡 Key Insight
Statistics and data provide evidence-based insights that spark discussions and demons trate your expertise.

✍ Peter Sorgenfrei LinkdIn Post

👉 Fazlur Shah LinkedIn Profile

5. Routines, habits and myth busting posts: providing value to readers

🪝 Hook
Sharing routines, habits or debunking myths in your industry helps deliver value to readers.

Again, people love to confront reality. Imagine if the people you most admire shared with you how their day goes, what tasks they perform most often or what criteria they take into consideration when choosing which direction to take. All of this would make you aware of how much sacrifice and dedication it takes to get to those goals, making you understand whether or not you're willing to take the same steps.

For this reason, your followers want to know what works for you. Share productivity tips, time management strategies, or common misconceptions you've encountered throughout your career journey.

💡 Key Insight
By sharing valuable insights into industry practices or dispelling common myths, you build trust with your audience while providing practical guidance.

👉 Borja Soler LinkedIn Post

6. Professional Journeys: inspiring others on LinkedIn

🪝 Hook
Inspire others by sharing your career journey and the lessons learned along the way, or that of other people or businesses if you're dedicated to storytelling about it. People like inspirational stories because they make them understand that there are no limits and that anything is possible.

Highlight milestones, achievements, overcome challenges, or even experienced failures. Your story may resonate with professionals on a similar path.

💡 Key Insight
Sharing personal experiences inspires others while establishing yourself as a relatable authority figure in your field.

👉 Tom Alder LinkedIn Post

7. Polls: stimulating audience engagement and insights

🪝 Hook
Conducting surveys stimulates audience engagement by encouraging them to think critically and respond.

If you frequently ask your audience to discuss with you this generates two types of advantages:

  • those who follow you feel part of your community;

  • those who have to decide to follow you will certainly be stimulated also by the fact of being able to gather more experiencepeople in your comments.

Surveys can cover industry trends, views on current topics, or gather feedback on specific issues related to your niche.

💡 Key Insight
Polls not only engage readers but also provide valuable insights into the opinions and preferences of your target audience.

👉 Aaron Humphreys LindIn Post  

8. Memes: adding humor while staying relevant

🪝 Hook
Adding the occasional humor through memes can entertain an audience while still remaining relevant to your niche. Although this is not the target content that people are looking for on LinkedIn, to change the pace of the narrative it might be interesting to insert memes, drawings

Use witty captions or share light-hearted content related to specific industry situations or jokes understood by industry professionals.

💡 Key Insight
Memes add a touch of humor to posts and can help create a more engaging experience for readers without compromising professionalism.

👉 Achille Ettorre LinkedIn Post

9. Celebrating achievements and providing actionable tips

🪝 Hook
Celebrate your accomplishments or those of other people or companies, and share helpful tips based on your personal accomplishments or other people's journeys.

Celebrating and recognizing our successes or the successes of other people makes us attractive in the eyes of potential followers who may understand that by following us there is important information that they can learn.

Highlight milestones, awards, or breakthrough moments in your career while providing insights for others to learn from.

💡 Key Insight
Sharing achievements inspires others while generating interest in your content by showcasing your expertise.

👉 EU-Startups LinkedIn Post

10. Do's and Don'ts Lists: navigating common challenges in your niche

🪝 Hook
Creating do's and don'ts lists related to common struggles or challenges in your niche helps readers navigate their own professional journeys.

In fact, fast connections are created in the minds of followers that allow them to quickly understand the concept. This will make them understand that there is value in our content that they can learn easily.

Very often the greatest limitation in learning is not in the people who want to learn but in those who teach because they can't explain themselves. When they understand that you are an effective communicator, they will feel the need to follow you or start following you.

Provide practical guidance and share strategies for success based on personal experiences.

💡 Key Insight
Do's and don'ts lists offer concise, actionable advice that resonates with professionals facing similar challenges.

👉 Paul Calver LinkdIn Profile

These 10 post ideas give you a starting point if you want to increase engagement on LinkedIn, diversify your content, and offer a greater variety of content to your users.

Remember to experiment with different formats, mix up the types of posts you share, and always prioritize quality content that provides value to your audience. This way your audience will realize that you are ready to engage in the narration of facts and stories that happen in your industry.

Remember that you can use Editby to create your content faster.

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